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Well, now that you mention it, it also is a dead ringed for Krant from WC1... :)

It makes me think of some sort of modified Klingon Bat'leth. Almost like it's a weapon to be picked up and wielded.

I like the blade like appearance, after all its role is that of the knife rather than the sledgehammer, used with skill and cunning and it is lethal, mess around with it and it will more likely cut you than your opponent.

You could cut the middle of those blade-like frontal parts, hollow the space out until like half the way into the model and use that new space to mount some missile launch tubes. (actually, I'd move those gun ports to the center and replace them with missiles. As it stands now the gun placements will require the model to use that gun convergence thingy?)

On the back, you could add some additional detail like protruding engine housings, right behind the cockpit. This will give the viewer a hint where the "up" and "down" of the model is. Maybe strap some sort of spoiler to the engine pods to make it look a little more speedy and going along with the race-like looks.

Also, I really don't like the wings. It might be just that I know a thing or two about aerodynamics, but those wings look like some sort of utility blades, not actual wings. They'd never actually work with a trailing edge done like that. Also, unless you're planning to have them fold against the body (like with BP's Draco), you should remake the point at which they connect to the fuselage completely.

Oh, and please make it stop looking like Krant. Ever since Dekker mentioned Kilrathi, I can't unsee the resemblance. :)


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