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Public diplomacy

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Sol Union and Delest Dynasty have entered into a non-aggression pact. (Turn 0)
Duration: undefined/indefinite

The news of an SF-DD non-aggression pact is a positive step towards international peace. We of Britannia salute this newfound bond of unity, and wish to follow in their example.

To that extent, in Her Majesty Queen Amalia's name, we propose a similar NON-AGGRESSION PACT to all three other states.

To Premier Kalazonitov of the Delest Dynasty,

We admit the historical bad blood between our people and the Delest Dynasty, and will not apologize for our moral values. Still, we will promote our values peacefully, and will never wage war on a sovereign state to enforce them. Premier Kalazonitov, the overzealous Admirals whom you cite have all been appropriately censured for their actions. Certainly, closer Britannian-Delest relations would minimize the incidents of which you speak, and give Her Majesty's government the opportunity to prove its good faith.

Let us put our mutual mistrust behind us. As we are completely confident in your stated commitment towards universal peace, we trust you have no reason to deny this reasonable proposal.

To Minister Headdie of the Sol Union,

Congratulations on mending fences with the Delest Dynasty, and on securing your borders. Britannia wishes to join you both at the table of brotherhood.

To Droid803 of the United Guilds of Commerce,

Surely universal peace is in your best interest, as open borders mean open markets. Plus, to be frank, our nations have no reason to even consider war; come war, you would never collect the longstanding debts owed you by the Crown!

It is our most sincere certainty that the Delest/Sol treaty is an admirable first step in a wider-ranging peace between our four nations, a peace which Her Majesty wishes to partake in. Not to mention the economic benefits we would all accrue from more open borders. Surely, if we all want to repair the current tragic mistrust between our nations, then we should all seek further NON-AGGRESSION PACTS?

Yours in Honor and Nobility,
Britannian Foreign Minster Lepanto

Greetings fellow ministers,

I would like to echo the general sentiment of non-aggression in core systems being in our mutual best interests. If you find the ideal of a complete non-aggression pact unpalatable, may I move to suggest that perhaps disputes be carried out in whichever way you see fit in the currently-neutral Aldebaran system as an alternative?

In any matter, I would like to express my acceptance towards the NON-AGGRESSION PACT as proposed by Britannian Foreign Minister Lepanto, and seek to publicize and formalize the similar such agreement with Sol Union Minister headdie as discussed in private.

The UGC extends such sentiments and offers on NON-AGGRESSION to the Delest as well, should Premier Kalazonitov wish to pursue it.

Praise Profit,
Minister, UGC.

Minister Droid803 of the UGC, People of the Sol Union, Citizens of the galaxy

It gives me great pleasure to affirm the Sol Union's commitment to the Treaty of nonaggression with the UGC as outlined in our communications which in summary Require non aggression within each other's core systems with exemption to the Aldebaran system where armed conflict is still permitted unless overridden by a follow up treaty

Minister of Interstellar Affairs
Sol Union

To Droid803 of the United Guilds of Commerce,

We are pleased to conclude this NON-AGGRESSION PACT with your nation, and congratulate you on your similar PACT with the Sol Union.

To All Terran Citizens,

Hopefully the recent non-aggression pacts between our four nations have allayed some of your cynicism regarding possible war. Honor and nobility are more than mere buzzwords, even at the state diplomatic level.

We and the SF are busy formalizing a treaty of our own. If the Delest Dynasty but accepts the non-aggression pacts offered by us and the UGC, then we will have brought the era of cold war to an end.

We have our own proposals regarding the status of Aldebaran, which should be agreeable to all parties, which we will reveal once they become politically feasible.

Yours in Honor and Nobility,
Britannian Foreign Minster Lepanto


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