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Title: Troubleshooting
Post by: Fury on July 22, 2010, 07:55:56 am

General troubleshooting

Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius - Director's Cut troubleshooting

Blue Planet 2: War in Heaven troubleshooting

Performance troubleshooting
If you encounter poor performance and you downloaded MV_Advanced from the mediavps release topic, delete MV_Advanced.vp from FreeSpace2\mediavps folder. Also delete bp-adv-visuals.vp from FreeSpace2\blueplanet folder if you downloaded them.

If you still have poor performance, open Launcher and navigate to Features tab, select Graphics as list type. Unselect "Enable specular", "Enable normal maps" and "Enable 3D shockwaves" If you use 3.6.12 build, unselect "Enable post processing" as well. If you still aren't happy with performance, unselect "Enable glowmaps" and "Enable environment maps".

Checksums to check for file integrity
fs2_open.log checksums for 3.6.14 Release Build:
Code: [Select]
bp2-adv-visuals.vp 0x241c257f
bp2-audio1.vp 0x51171798
bp2-core.vp 0xe386a796
bp2-visuals1.vp 0xd263c407
bp2-visuals2.vp 0xd3552477
Code: [Select]
adv-bp.vp           0x03a78415
bp-audio1.vp        0xbc04e56d
bp-audio2.vp        0xf51dd5a5
bp-core.vp          0x9f0c00d4
bp-visuals1.vp      0x622bebb6
bp-visuals2.vp      0x739e70e6
Code: [Select]
bp2-adv-visuals.vp 31 files
bp2-audio1.vp 156 files
bp2-core.vp 72 files
bp2-visuals1.vp 641 files
bp2-visuals2.vp 2012 files
Code: [Select]
adv-bp.vp      358 files
bp-audio1.vp   40 files
bp-audio2.vp   683 files
bp-core.vp     47 files
bp-visuals1.vp 392 files
bp-visuals2.vp 1561 files

MD5 (http://www.implbits.com/HashTab.aspx) checksums
Code: [Select]
bp2-adv-visuals.vp 62FAB4063053D02F5AB1EA4E413ECCD9
bp2-audio1.vp 1723C6EFD24104494EE7C01DDA9274B9
bp2-core.vp BC29FD6B3BABBE7A29573BB140267516
bp2-visuals1.vp D950087B47A9B35597FAA98B61826F23
bp2-visuals2.vp 4FAA697F0793D798044A89F1F4C712F8
Code: [Select]
adv-bp.vp        B58A75436A78AC1201D649252BCD54DE
bp-audio1.vp     27DC7F616D7E5FF157C847446743E0EB
bp-audio2.vp     5AF774812508489C5ED37FB4126C6D0E
bp-core.vp       C9FAC81D8811F9F9AFACEF43A85EA199
bp-visuals1.vp   B4B8936A4CBEC2E9A3CAF9B2D0773689
bp-visuals2.vp   D8136363BE40B59BA3A807FA97F9BB4D