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Black Wolf:
Well, now that we have this nice new forum, we may as well use it. Use this thread to apply for an interview with one of our interviewers. Leave your name, and reason to be interviewed (Campaign leader, major project assistant (eg. modeller) all round legend, etc.). Don't leave your ICQ number or IM contact details unless you want to, these can be obtained via PM or E Mail. Interviews are free publicity for whatever you're doing and hell, they're just plain fun :D.

Note that this thread is more to give us an idea about who does wish to be interviewed. Posting here does not guarantee you an interview, nor does not posting here guarantee you won't be approached at some later date. But those who post here will probably have a much better chance of being chosen.

Go go go! :D

er well... im a local legend around here... er... well im also a project leader. If it will help with publicity...

Me too!  Me too!

I'm, as you know, The Project leader for My own Campaign ITHOV and a major part of the T-V War Project.  I could always use the exposure for my projects.

I single-handedly ported Freespace to FS2! That's an accomplishment.

Err.. one of the first Nodewar moderators? :p

Well whatever the case with me I think the whole NW staff should get interviewed, especially Shrike -creator and HLP-manager


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