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Ten of Twelve interviews USS Alexander about his pet project TAP


Hi USS Alexander, how are you?'s good although I'm very busy at the moment

Good then. First, could you tell us a little about yourself.
Well my real name is Nick. I'm 18 years old and live in Holland (The land of cheese) currently I'm not a student because I'm switching shools (school...I hate school) I'm a relaxed guy and most of the time spend hours behind my cpu playing games and stuff (hehe I don't have a job currently)

Tell us about your real life. About other interests and hobbies.

Well since I've always wanted to be a sailor on the merchant lines and since almost everyone in my family sails on the seas or have a job that has to do with water I started a college for it that I shortly left, for my other hobbies I'll check the hlp forums, I'm always playing games and trying new stuff that's involved with computers (like making effects and stuff) I love to work with my hands and I never can sit still so I started at Thai boxing a few years ago and I love it. You can life your self out and get all the stress away. I also love fishing, soccer and offcourse girls ;) all the basic guy things.

You said before that you're switching schools right? What are you studying then? In other words, what do you see in your future? Do you want to continue the family tradition or is it something else?

It is definatly something else, although sailing on the high seas looks fun, my big interest lies in the world of computers. I am always busy with computers. In fact it was fs2 who made me realize what I really wanted to do in the future, before I joined the FS community I knew nothing about modding, using paint programs and stuff. I just saw what the guys where making and I thought...heh that looks cool to do so I just started to look at the mods - how they made them, with what they made them and so on and I started on my own...doing little things like making new weapons and trying to put them ingame, in fact it where the guys at the babylon project who inspired me to start at it....and now after about 1 year I'm working on my own project and  I really love to do it...making effects like explosions and such and I realize that that's what I want to do in the future...developing games, I'll soon start at new school that is focused on the games development. I'll learn everything about photoshop and making animations in 3dsmax, and then mayby my dream comes true.......making my own game

Well, as you said, you also lead The Apocalypse Project - a Freespace 2 to Homeworld conversion. Though it seems clear enough, we'd like to know about the beginning of this. When? Where? Why Homeworld? etc.
Whell it was about a year ago....a friend gave me a Twilight cd with a few games on it, so I started playing the games and then I saw looked cool so I played the campaign until I saw a Fenris firing its beams and I just fell in love with the game (it all started with beams) I also loved Cataclysm. As I said before I slowly learned to mod and then suddenly it just came to my mind when I was scrolling down the VBB, I just thought that how it would be if running Cataclysm with the Freespace the moment it was just an idea so I posted it on the VBB and then Thorn contacted me about it, he said he whas already converting HW and CAT ships so we started working with each other. He converted the ships and built a little website (It was still called The Beast Project) and I made the weapons We released the Kushan Firelance frigate and then we just started to try to make a Total Conversion, Thorn introduced me at HLP - a place where I sometimes checked and we started asking for some help and the project grew....whe changed our name (thx Venom ;) ) to The Apocalypse Project and made a new nifty website (thx to DragonClaw) and got hosted by those great guys at hlp and now the project is coming along good (it almost died because I dissepered for a while) but were coming along good now.....oh and you asked why Homeworld. Because I just love the game and I just love anything that has to do with ships in space.

Has TAP any special features?

Special features...huh well our goal is to do a total conversion of FS2 changing everything besides the engine. Our goal is to let people experience the Homeworld universe in FS engine. We'll try to change everything - the interface, the explosion animations, the weapons, the ships, backgrounds and try to get as close to the HW universe as possible. TAP will feature both the Homeworld and Cataclysm campaigns (as close as we can get) and a brand new interface.

And when can we expect TAP to be released?
Well whe don't have a release Thorn and Pera always say: it is done when its done, and in my eyes that won't be soon to be honest although alot has been done we still have work to do (with limited people..p1mp :) ) we hope to release a demo soon but still we have no release date for it.
We'll see...Now some questions that just popped into my head. Have you ever had a funny or extraordinary situation you'd like to tell us about?
What do you mean RL or here at HLP?
Real Life

Yeah I have experienced a lot of funny always started with, my brother and a few friends headed over to the brother was going out to sea again so that was our way to say goodbye....whe headed to the store, bought some booze and headed to the beach.....we drived along the road and it started to rain. "Oh great," we thaught but whatever. Soon it started to rain damn hard and suddenly the car we were stuck in the middle of nowhere, I had my phone with me but the damn batteries were low so I couldn't make a call. Then I tried to send a message to my parents but my money was up so I couldn't send anything. Then we just started to drink...and drink...and drink until all of us fell in sleep. I woke up in the bushes along with a friend of mine and the others where in the I checked my watch and it was already 2 pm the other day and my bro's ship saild out at 8 pm so he missed it....I was late for school and the others for work and we ended up in trouble all because of booze, so for you youngsters out is good to drink but don't drink to much.

And finally...In your opinion, what is the most important thing in life?

Health and happiness...and just make sure whatever you do you'll be happy about it no matter what people say or think of you. If you're happy with yourself and you feel good, keep it that way then.

Well, that concludes our interview. Thank you for your time USS.
No Problem. I enjoyed it!

Another response-less thread. :( This one was very funny. :lol: Don't get drunk - wise advice.  (I've seen far too many instances at college - fun to watch, until they throw up all over themselves. ;))

Holland is the land of cheese? :lol:


--- Quote ---Originally posted by Ten of Twelve
I love to work with my hands and I never can sit still so I started at Thai boxing a few years ago and I love it.
--- End quote ---

Good interview. :) But yikes, that sport is crazy! I personally know guys who've been badly bashed up doing that. :shaking:

Heheh, my first interview. My pr-r-r-r-r-recious... :D


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