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The first three. What do you think?

Knight Templar:
a little ":blah: " if you are looking for an outsiders opinion...

but thats ok, it's journalism and they sorta look like paper :D

out of the three I prefer the third but I agree that it needs some oomph...

perhaps introducing a third color would help without complicating in a diamond shape under the letters

I'll copy it to a Paint file and experiment with some colors (red, sky blue, green, purple) but I have no way to upload the results...crikey I need to buy some webspace :D

Edit: now where did that uploader come from?...I'm such a blonde :lol:

How 'bout this:

Knight Templar:
:drools: ... at the avatar.

can I have one of those? ... i'm still waiting for my art avatar.


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