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Greetings Folks,
     I am currently heading a community website project with a staff of others based on the upcoming action/shooter Loose Cannon. The Loose Cannon Connection is the only current known Loose Cannon website existant on the internet after years of development. And we plan to stay throughout the release and keep it going as long as the game goes. We are currently in the process of designing and implimenting the real site itself.

However, we need some extra staff...

This is a request from your Loose Cannon Connection to ask you become our slav..*cough* staff member todo interviewing of special persons to make the thousands of future visitors happy.
  Okay...enough with the cheesy part, I'm currently in the process of hiring serious, mature staff that I can trust for the real LCC that is currently in production, who would be interested in being our interviewer?

*This is mainly directed at the current interviewers here at HLP and any admins that think they got t3h skillz.

me mature staff, me mature staff bouncy bouncy

if this is directed at HLP interviewers, why not post in the interview forum

Only interviewers can post new threads there though this might be as well an exeption.

*looks for move thread button*


Black Wolf:
Well, Up until today I'd never heard of this game, but the research I've done suggests that it's my loss. I guess I'm sort of intersted, particularly if the specs quoted here - - are accurate - they seem kind of low for a modern game.


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