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The InfernoMasta' Woomeister is interviewed here. PLUS free cookies!

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Howdy folks, this is your friendly interviewer Stu again (who can throw things now even helluva further). The other dude is Woomeister. He's the head of Inferno, but you already knew that right? And if you didn't, then you have been out of the community for a very, *very* long time.

So first, give me/us/the readers/Shrike the usual RL overview. Who you are, what do you do, what's your girlfriends phonenumber, that sort of thing.

My name's Steven Woosey and I'm a student studying for a computing degree. I currently don't have a girlfriend :D

now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's talk about Inferno. I understand you're quite close to a release. I'm not quite following you on the things that are to be released though. Are you going to release the GTVA chapter 1, the SOC chapter 1, or all of them, or how 'bout it?

We are currently finishing up the last three missions of the first GTVA chapter. Once they are done, we'll have our first release. New modpacks have been made and its starting to get a lot closer. The remake of the second GTVA chapter will then begin.


Yeah, like with the first chapter, some missions will just have to be edited, but some may have to be redone to improve their quality. The chapter's storyline will remain the same however.

Speaking of storyline, how does that compare to the fan campaigns like, say BWO, Warzone and others that are known for excellent scripting and progress?

Well we hope that it will be as enjoyable, as those campaigns. Both the GTVA and SOC sides of the story have common elements that bring them together. You'll have to play both to get the full image of the story, but there's enough there so that someone who doesn't play both, can still enjoy it.

So. I have one question that has been bothering me for a while. If it doesn´t give away too much of the storyline, please tell us, how come the Ancients are still alive?

Unfortunately if I told you that, I would have to kill you :p

It ties in with our other race a bit, though you won't find out to INF2 how they survived.

So... wanna tell us something about that new species?

Well, there's not much I could say at the moment, we're going to rewrite their involvement in the story at a later date, so many things will probably change.

How 'bout that: Are they more like the Shivans, or the Vasudans e.g. kinda human aliens, or a mystical genocidical almost force-of-nature kinda foe (assuming they are hostile at all).

They're not really a foe, they just don't want to bother with 'a pathetic child race', such as the terrans :D

Ah, so it's like the Shivans :p

Well they're not interested in wiping out the entire human race.

The Shivans didn't too in FS2, so to speak.

Now, is INF2 going to be the second release, or a sequel to INF (the whole three chapters)

A sequel to the first three chapters of the GTVA part of the current campaign.

How 'bout moving on to the main reason we wait INF. The huge amount of mods. Infact,  everything about them is huge. The largest ship, Gargant (unless you guys are planning to use an even bigger ship in INF2), measures some 40 km in lenght, if I remember correctly. Out of curiosity, how many polys is the Gargant?

The Gargant is 37.8km long, 110 turrets, 1861 verts, 2162 polys.

We have the biggest modpack ever assembled for FS2, so big, a modified FS2 executable may be required for the later chapters. I currently have over 145 ships installed.

I was thinking here, on ship of this size, wouldn´t the textures look like **** close up?

Well, it should be quite hard to get close enough to check, with all those anti-fighter weapons :D

You ARE going to engage the Gargant, aren't you?

The player won't be directly ordered to attack it, but I won't stop the player from having a go if they want to:D

110 turrets ayeh.... Considering about how many of them are beam cannons, isn´t it going to be laggy, for those of use with less powerful PC's than mine? :p

I have a 650mhz PIII, 128mb SD Ram with an ATI Rage Fury graphics card and all missions run fine for me except ones that involve the Sol gate, I get quite a bit of slowdown there sometimes in high res mode. It should be runnable on slower systems too, though maybe not at maximum settings.

More on the models. Several people have compained about the lousy inconsistent texture jobs on several of the models, as well as inconsistency in the design (Terran craft mostly). What's your comment?

Some of our models were made nearly 3 years ago, my skills at mapping and modelling have vastly improved since then, however if I went back and updated everything we would never get it done.

Why not get other people do it? The remap of the Sai, by GE, for example looks a lot better than the one you use.

Because I prefer to use my own stuff. Also if we got a lot of ships reskinned it would slow down our development again. I'm happy with how most of our ships look now.

and about the inconsistency in ship design?

Like I mentioned before some of our ships are very old and so look different to newer ones. Also some of our ships are decades old at the time of the campaign, while some are brand new.

Tthat's certainly more understandable. Let's get back to the storyline again. Exactly how, does the INF story differ from the usual run-of-the-mill "big ship comes - blow up big ship - bigger ship comes - blow up bigger ship - Gargant comes - everyone goes really dead" story?

The first chapter is the EA war, a battle against an enemy who is technologically weaker, but is holding their own against the Terrans. There's more destroy subsystems jobs for bombers, than destroying ships overall. Even the Gigas isn't taken down by the Icanus alone. For the first chapter, you're involved with the main Terran front line, cut off from the main supply lines. You have to secure EA positions in Ross 128 and Delta Serpentis so that the Sol gate can be retaken.

Now the big question: Will INF have cutscenes

No, since we will use our own executables for the later releases, it won't be compatable with the scp.

What's gonna be in those executables?

It increases the maximum ship limit of the ships.tbl to 200 entries. We have more entries for the later chapters than the normal tables can handle.

That's it? No glowmaps, or other such enhancements?

Nope, that's all we need ours to do. The original plan was to do a normal fs2 campaign, but we decided we needed more player flyable ships, so to fit those in we needed to expand the limits.

so, what's the complete number of ALL inferno ships, again?

I'd say about 145 once we're done

That's a whole 2 times the number of FS2 ships. Speaking of which, are any old FS2 ships in INF as well?

Only a few remain:
Comm Node

But enough about Inferno, you've recently been given complete control over OTT as well. So, how much has your timetable changed?

I have my massive summer holiday starting next week, and I have nothing else better to do right now than to finnsh both INF and OTT. Hopefully things will run more smoothly for INF so i can concentrate on OTT after INF R1 is done.

Are you keeping OTT straight by Venoms vision or are you modifying his story?

I don't plan on making any changes to the OTT storyline. The campaign should end up close to what Venom wanted to make.

Are your INF teammembers helping out? Mission designers for example?

Nope, at the moment I'm the only one who is working on the mission side of OTT. Though at the moment I'm not actually sure which OTT staff members are left.

wow. How many members are there?

Venoms making the models, I handle the conversions, then Sobek does the pof data, that's all I know at the moment.

How big is the campaign? Or at least the first release, missions wise

The demo should be 3 missions long and the first chapter is supposed to be about ten missions.

Ooh that's cool. Gonna do voice acting? *hopes to god the answer's yes*

For OTT, I'm not sure, depends on how the campaign goes.
For INF, probably not

I agree with you on INF. We want to play it already!!!!!1111oneoneone

Not much longer to go, Release 1 modpacks are ready, only 2 missions left to add. Release will follow shortly after they are done.

Cool! Are there any other projects (both FS related and others) yo are working on?

Now and then I make a new fs model, most of them will never be converted. Others end up going to the TVWP :D
this weeks random model:

I also have a few mini campaigns planned, those will take a while though.
I may mod for other games at a later date, but for now I'm sticking with FS2.

whaddya think of TBP?

Looks good, but I'm not a fan of B5. I haven't tried the latest release yet as I've been too busy.

Well, I think that about wraps it up. see ya next time Woo


Here you have the interview, now give us our folder!

ok, this is horrible to read, not because of the content, but the layout, LVLSHOT, plz.

i won't weven attempt to read itlike this, no offence, but it'sd way too annoying.

Knight Templar:
well it wasn't that annoying, but please do lvlshot. And props on another interview :yes:


Cool interview :)


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