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I refuse to post at the VBB, and this place is my only alterntive. The same applies to here, and everywhere. I need to take some time off from everything.

Yeep!  I didn't realize things were quite so bad.

Really sucks that WS is closing.   I enjoyed having it around.

--- Quote ---The site closing won't affect much, not any at all, really. there's the VBB, hlp, and VW. More than likely, hlp can host Nyxfall.
--- End quote ---

Sure, I see no problems with this- unless any of the other staff do?

And I'm sorry to hear that your closing, I enjoyed Warpstorm- though I rarely used it, I'm sure the all those who did use it will feel it's loss. And I wish you the best of luck in the future with everything you do  

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Griffon UK:
i liked warpstorm...

shame about the slow server & some of the flame wars...  but it was a GOOD VBB substitute  

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I don't know what to say about this dude, it's such a shame.  I didn't post much everywhere, but I used the Nyxfall forums and FS Continued a hella lot.  

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