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Sandwich's, Su-tehp's and GalacticEmperor's trip to NYC

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--- Quote ---Originally posted by an0n
Y'know, you coulda just asked me to remove them.
--- End quote ---

You could have refrained from altering and re-posting them in the first place. How did you think I was going to react to having a pic of my face disfigured and posted here for all to see, an0n? With a laugh and a smile? :rolleyes:

With a laugh, and a smile and a....err..something that rhymes with 'smile' and has 3 syllables.


Editting posts is BAD!

And your face was already pretty d........No. I'll be nice......For now.


edit... the pic of him with the deformed face turned into a dog... :wtf:

Those shirts are different... The one he's wearing makes more sense...

EDIT 2;  am dumbfounded... i thouht i saw his shir saying only 1 type of person... contrastd to the 10 types posted be GE, but then the pic of the 1 type turned into the dog... :wtf:

I guess that'll teach you to clear your damn cache once in a while.

AHAHAAHA! Cool. I've got him thinking he's crazy.

Knight Templar:
:lol: :lol:


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