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Well, it's unofficial right now, but I just thought that now would be a good time to tell you guys that Thunder will be contributing to FreeSpace Story too from now on. This is mainly because it is widely known that he 0wns me at picture creation *sniff*, but hey, it's for the good of you guys   And congrats from me, man.

So everyone, 3 cheers for Thunder! Hip hip, Hooray!  

Edit: Oh, and notice that I put Thunder's name before mine.  

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You also spelled Thunder with capital letters.  


LOL - thanks guys, I hope to work on some stuff... unfortunately the first pic I had in mind can't be done because I don't have the Hercules or Loki models. I'll try and work on something else asap (tonight).

And Setekh - I maintain that your to kind  

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Oh great!!! Thunder ans Setekh working on FreeSpace Story!! Hope to see some great works from you two soon to decorate my desktop!!!

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