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Rendered picture from yours truly

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I finally finished this pic. Have been working on it for a while but never had the time to finish it up until now. I have added something to the stars and made the pics a little brighter than I use to do.


If you think the quality is bad on the picture above is cause I turned down the quality. And as always you can get the 1024x768 here. And if someone want higher resolution (1600x1200 is maximum though) just contact me.


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Wow, nice work!

Whats your technique on engine glows?  Overlay of a bitmap or just some spray paint effects?

For the engine glow on fighters I make a mesh that looks like the engine glow. Lay on a thruster texture and a opacity map. I add some meshsmooth. Then I render the pic and lay on a bitmap on the engine glow in Photoshop.

I tried to make the glow in 3DS Max but I haven't been so successful so far.

The engine glows on the capital ship are done with 3DS Max.

Good work!! Have you submitted it to the Fan Art section?

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This one's very nice. That Aeolus is screwed, though. GTC Vigilant? Or whatever it was called?  


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