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Akalabeth Angel:
What the heck is this? Looks new but very old.

Yeah, this is jusk asking for a heckuva lot of necrothreadage.

Jeff Vader:
Will there actually be new interviews?

Since we're resurrecting boards (or perhaps they're using Raise Dead, and they come back to life with one hitpoint  :o ) maybe they can bring back NTV. There were some good threads in the internal I'd like to review, and there is a demo available after all. Would be a nice place for speculation, tech support, and MVP upgrades.

These interviews made for some interesting reading; most of the subjects were around long before my time.  They did make me curious about a few of the long-dead campaigns that were mentioned in them, though.  The Wiki has pages about one or two of them, but I'd never so much as heard about something like, say, Over the Top.  It might be worth considering a "Community History" section, with some info about some of the projects that just never got to see the light of day.


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