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Charlie Gavin of BlankPixels interviews Galemp!

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Pete Oliver (aka Galemp) is the driving force behind the port of Freespace 1 to the second game's engine. If you've never heard of the Freespace games, they're a series of space combat sim games. In short, they're really cool, although the last game was released back in 1999. Fortunately, there's a very dedicated community over at that focuses almost exclusively on this games and the fan made content that followed.

...Now be nice to them and increment their hit counter.

LOL the BDHR mission is highlited in the multi screen.    :pimp:

I wish these people would spell it FreeSpace like they should.

Even :v: makes that mistake.

You mean Freespace with a capital "S"?

I just got around to reading this more carefully. Good to see the FS community getting more exposure, and I like your general comments on what game modding involves.

A little off topic, but following up on this:

--- Quote ---The coders do a damn good job of checking everything that gets submitted to see if it could break multiplayer. It's something that could have just been cut, and 90% of the community wouldn't have cared... but multi's too much fun!
--- End quote ---

There were problems with most of the new SCP sexps not working in multiplayer at one point. Is that still the case or were they eventually fixed?


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