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Maybe we should have a look on this :  for our diffrent translations.

just my 2/100 €.

When it comes to translation efforts, I'll say what I've said before. The first, most important step of a translation project doesn't require the Diaspora team at all. It's something the fans can do all on their own. Get strings.tbl converted into your language of choice and then I'll know you're serious.

I've said that several times in the past and I've yet to see anyone do more than a half-hearted attempt. You can find the last attempt here.

its just a suggestion.

sorry for my incontinence, eh, inconvenience.

It's a good suggestion actually. I just don't think the team need to be involved. The file that is needed is freely available so there's no reason people can't get started now.

AFAIK, localizations fulfilled by teams of 3 per language tend to move forward quite well


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