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New Features for POF Version 3000 [FS2 = Version 2117]

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Thorn: OH! understood... we'll have to think about putting that in a new chunk or the existing engines chunk [perhaps the wash zone can be the ion trail.. makes sense to me]

Warning: Post is programmer oriented
struct POFString
     int size; //32-bit
     char *str; //exactly size chars long - no null terminator

Chunk MVRS or "Movers"
struct MVRS
     int nummvrs
     vector scripts;

Chunk LGHT or "Lights"
struct POFRGBA
   char Red, Green, Blue, Ambience'

struct POFRunLight
   POFString name;
   POFRGBA color;
   vector location; //it's a set of floats (x,, y, z)
struct LGHT
   int numlights;
   POFRunLight* lights;


It should be noted in the POF CS sources I have a naming conflict between std::vector and vector - which wasn't a problem because I was using apvector and apstring

soon im going to rename vector to vector3d, updating all the source files, POFString is called 'string' in the POF CS sources and it'll be renamed POFString
all instances of apvector will become std::vector and all instances of apstring will become std::string


Unknown Target:
Yea, I was talking about, well, you know, for it to be able to have a program chunk, and in FRED2000, you put in the command line in the events editor:
-When mission starts
-Enable Trails

or simply:
-Enable Trails.....

Better beam controls.

This running lights idea..will they just be blobs or will you be able to use texture maps as a base (I.E, a glowing Lilith?)

they'll be running lights

glowing textures will be part of the new texturing pipeline

can we get shaders
and bumpmaps
a lot of that could be added into the txtr chunk


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