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New Features for POF Version 3000 [FS2 = Version 2117]

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--- Quote ---Originally posted by Kazan
hey thanks for the input dave.  You're very welcome to code for us if you'd like [as a non-official function of course] or tell us anything you wanted to do in the origional FS2 engine

as for 'get a function one with keyboard support in three months' - I could get an unoptimized OpenGL rendering a ship with keyboard control in not to long using OpenIL [Open Image Library] and the SDL. .. i have a  half-way completely POF renderer already, and it wouldn't be difficult to remove the GLUT code and replace it with SDL code
--- End quote ---

for DaveB: I doubt you would help in any way ( you have a job after all :p ), but if thanx to some incredible odd you could, I know you don't like Kazan, so consider helping the project, not him... If you could and didn't want just because of him, that would be sad :(



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