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--- Quote ---Originally posted by Kazan
we already have trail support - it's in the tables
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He means engine trails, like in Homeworld. Fighters and Corvettes leave long colorful ion trails. Only way to make em work would be to make the mission in an invisible nebula, and that means no backgrounds. Too much work for a useless effect.

Explosion orders so the ship blows up in a certain way.

Although that could be mission specific I suppose.

EDIT: Shockwave points. It'd make sense for missile bays to give off their own shockwaves as well as the reactors.


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isn´t that w00t. Or some new elite speak i haven´t heard of.

Anyway...uhh... animated texs???


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isn´t that w00t.

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--- Quote ---Originally posted by Ten of Twelve
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is that 'w00t' but with a German accent?


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