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Turrets lock up on player capital ships. Sometimes this can be fixed by a 'turret-free-all' sexp, but only sometimes. The turrets sometimes free up on respawn or when hit by beamfire or other forms of aggression. I'm not sure why it is the case. We need to find a solution or capital ship PvP will be unreliable.

Anyone know what the problem might be?

Hmmmmm. On looking into it, this isn't a bug so much as a design flaw in the distance SEXPs. They use sexp_get_object_ship_wing_point_team() which will always return OSWPT_TYPE_EXITED for any ship which has been destroyed (which apparently includes the wingmen but not alpha 1 I suspect). The result is the SEXP will return SEXP_NAN_FOREVER for any ship which has respawned.

If I fix this I'm definitely going to break any missions that assumed that distance only worked for the first respawn. That's a really stupid assumption though and it's probably broken more multiplayer missions than it will break if I fix it.

Stick it in Mantis and I will try to take a look at it when I have time.

Mantis report submitted. Many thanks for looking into the distance sexp issue Karajorma!  :yes:

Universal Truth has the "players have not been properly assigned to their ships" error which crashes everyone just before the briefing.

I believe I know the root of the problem, but i'm just making a note of it here.


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