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Releasing with some slight changes so I can greedily take the award for "latest 2013 release"...

Just Another Day Xtreme Arcade is a mini-release, meant to let you have fun with the weird and zany gameplay that JAD2.22 will have. Or not, maybe I'll change it all again the next time I release. Things are always changing! But for the meantime, play these short and fun missions.

The central gimmick of the missions is BERSERK mode, where you destroy enemies to gain berserk power, which eventually lets you power your ship and weapons up to overpowered levels. And from there, you destroy everything in your way. It's all explained in the missions and stuff if you need more detail, though I don't know why, its so simple!

So have fun!

FreeSpace 2 (you know you got it!)
FSO3.7.2 or later
A launcher (I like this one
2014 Mediavps (
Just Another Day 2.21 (earlier versions did not need JAD2.21, but that has changed now!)

Use the FSO Installer!
Advanced users can download the archive here. Just throw the contents in a folder called /JAD2-2/.

The Titan is missing a texture, grab this package for your mediavps if it really bothers you. The Titan is in a single mission and doesn't really do anything, so its a low priority fix right now. But I will fix it for the next release! That's like fixed, yo.
If you take too long during the Sathanas boss during the Endless Gauntlet, the game may crash. Work around for now is to finish the mission faster!

Thanks for downloading!

Oh and pics to gawk at while waiting for it to download...

(now to worry about horrible bugs and things I have forgotten)

HA! Downloading now.
Will play tomorrow when not under the effects of alcohol. (though it might be a good idea to try anyway...)

oooh. I didn't expect this to be released now; downloading :D


Drew this while waiting for download, seems like doom marine is a bit confused.

And this time again, stuff gets released while I am not on my main comp.


Like, literally.

Can't wait to try this one out. Now get to that newsletter already.


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