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--- Quote from: Dragon on April 07, 2014, 05:44:12 am ---Oh, and what do you think about the idea of Team-Coloring the whole pack? Looking at the Phobos' maps, it'd be easy to do, I think I could take a shot at that once I have some free time.

--- End quote ---
If you'd like to try making team colored versions, feel free!
You could probably just pop into #fsquest (espernet irc like #hard-light/#freespace) and ask AndrewofDoom for the base textures, I'm sure he'll be happy to provide the PSDs. :P

When I have the time, I'll probably do it. A generic, uncolored base+some sort of color mask would be best, generating a team color mask should be easy with those.

I once played around with team colours for some of these DE ships too - I have a team coloured version of the Astrogator (from the original release, plus it's a bit rough) and the... Vambrace, I think it was? I wouldn't mind trying to add team colours to some more of them myself (especially if I could get my hands on the original PSDs - that might make it easier) but at the moment I'm busy with Civilization V modding. :P

Colonol Dekker:
What's your badge for ssmit132?

Black Wolf:
Hover over badges and they tell you what they're for, Dekker. ssmit132 won last year's screencap competition.


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