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Is this mod dead or something?

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Seriously, a rerelease of OLD content in eight months and then absolutely zero word on anything new? (Not to mention my royalty checks have stopped coming in)

I think we can officially call this mod dead now. We can we start tearing apart the carcass for the more enterprising and active modders to use?

How much does Axem pay you? :)

Sorry but the Cult of Axem interred his holy works upon the Hard Light Throne, neither fully living nor wholly dead.  Their spirit powers the Webonomican by which browsers are capable of traversing the otherwise unnavigable chaos of the Internet.  If that light were to gutter out like a candle in the wind amidst the madness of the Web, it would leave Mankind all alone in the darkness without the ability to look up pictures of cats.

Attempts to the desecrate the carcass will likely draw the implacable ire of the Hard Light Inquisition.  It's entirely likely this thread is going to be glassed at any moment.

The JAD protects

I... don't pay her... (though these mysterious decreases in my bank account are beginning to make sense now...)

Well the good news is that after helping with Wings of Dawn and moving to a new place, I'm somewhat ready to devote a lot more energy to JAD. I will perhaps start posting montly updates in the dev blog thread soonish.

Oop, look at the time. My vacation to the extradictionless system of the Neo-Caribbean is about to start.

Just give me a call when you actually decide to work on something...


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