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Annoucement: Emerald Dreams, a Wings of Dawn campaign

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As you may or may not already know, one of the original ideas for the new Wings of Dawn setting was to tell the story from a Cyrvan point of view. However, due to time constraints, these ideas were never fully enacted.

Until now.

My upcoming campaign, titled Emerald Dawn, will show the universe of Wings of Dawn from a different view. You will get to explore the galaxy as a young hopeful joining the vanguard of the CSA in their qest to explore the galaxy and protect the Cyrvan people from any and all would-be threats. In this campaign, you'll get to fly highly capable fighters that are equipped with glide, reverse afterburners and fast strafing as you travel the galaxy, meet interesting new life forms... then kill them before they kill you.

I'll do my best to get this done and make a release as soon as quality standards reach parity with mainline Wings of Dawn. Till then, here's this incredibly catchy song:

I haven't even played that much WoD, yet I walked right into this one. A 'download' linking you to some rick&roll is missing.

You're right, it's not half as good without Saki's theme. But that's why pencils have erasers and fora have edit buttons :)

The E:
you evil bastard have figured out autoplay. you shall burn.

Commander Zane:
A joke using WoD as its foundation transcends evil.


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