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All you wanted was a new life somewhere in the wild and unregulated areas outside of UEF control. As a member of the Flying Pumpkins, you hoped to leave your inglorious past behind. But how long can you stay neutral when civil war knocks at your front door?

This story is about those people that get caught in between when empires collide and great armies fight their wars. This is about the survival of those you love and need the most. About those who sweat and bleed next to you when the going gets tough.

Follow the path of Andrew "Vega" Polly, trying to survive in a system that is slowly fading into chaos. With only a few people at his side, he's trying to persevere in the war zone when the GTVA enters Sol and starts its attack on the UEF. Meet new friends, make peace with your past, fight the rising threat of a new and powerful militant organization and grasp the opportunity to get things right, finally.
After 7 months of work and many many stupid questions in the forum, I'm finally able to give something back to the community.

Bomb3rman productions proudly presents:

Welcome to my first finished campaign :)

The story of this campaign is loosely based on Blue Planet, though I tried to be as correct as I could be with the dates and background stories. It takes place within the 18 months before the GTVA captures Jupiter, shortly after the GTVA arrived in Sol.

What do you need for this campaign to work?

Must have:

- I'm using FS2 Open 3.7.4. I always used SSE2.exe so I have no idea if there is a problem if you use another, this is the one I recommend.
- Blue Planet complete, older version. Download-Link:

 I used the Bpcomplete mod to create this mission and also used their ship models, so this is definitely needed.
- As it is needed for Blue Planet: The MediaVPs 2014:

Campaign download link: -> UPDATED version released!

It's 340 mb when it's packed as a RAR-file,  ~ 803 mb unpacked.

Installation instructions:

Extract the RAR-file and put the "Friends and Foes"-Folder within your Freespace 2 folder. Then use your launcher (I recommend the wxlauncher, and activate the "Friends and Foes"-Mod. The bpmod and the MediaVPs 2014 should automatically be activated with it.

Then start the game, go to the campaign room and activate "Friends and Foes".

I hope this works for you. Since I'm relatively new to all of this, creating the vp.file was a pain in the a**, but I finally managed to get it done. I tried to download and install the files, didn't have a problem with it.

The campaign consists of 13 missions, I recommend playing on medium for a challenge (I usually play at medium and think it's quiet challenging, though I just might suck in a cockpit  :P). Estimated playing time is about 4 to 5 hours.

So have fun and thanks for reading, give me a feedback if you like, I'm thinking about a sequel right now ;)

And now some screenshots:

The Blue Planet Team

Black Wolf
Shivan Hunter
Thanks to all of you great modders out there, without you, this would not have been possible. (A more detailed list can be found inside the "Friends and Foes" folder.)

(I can't believe it, I almost managed to stick to my schedule  ;))

Nicely done! :yes:

Gratz. :nod:

Wow! That was great! A campaign in the true spirit of War in Heaven. A real treat, and a must-play if you need something for your War in Heaven fix while you wait for act 4. It took a few missions for me to warm up to it, but once it got going it really sucked me in.

There were a few things I noticed, of course, but overall was wonderful.

Spoiler:In the second mission, there are quite a few distant friendly transports and so forth which jump in and play arrival music, but the regular music doesn't stop, making them play on top of each other awkwardly. none of them appeared to actually be relevant to the mission so I think they should simply have their arrival music turned off?

Overall, could benefit from checkpoints. There were several difficult parts which came at the end of long missions. I know they're a pain to implement, but it's frustrating to repeatedly play back through the early parts.

In two thirty-eight, make it less obvious that the transport is guardianed! I got it to 15% at least 30 seconds before it hit the Florida! In general I prefer to give large special hits in lieu of guardian whenever possible, and it might work here? There are several possible ways to fix it, but it's rather immersion-breaking if you get to that point.

I don't think this one is your fault, but two missions, both with command briefings, but no regular briefings (when you have to defend the sanctus from gefs the first time, and defending it while being repaired the second), the music playing during the command briefing would continue into the mission and play at the same time as the regular music! In fact, I could only get the music to stop by quitting the game completely.

I was unfamiliar with many of the strikecraft used, so I couldn't identify them visually, and many of them only have "OC Wing" as their class, making it difficult for me to determine bombers from fighters.

Second-to-last mission, make it less obvious the Invictus' beams are guardianed! It might be sort of my "fault" for being abnormally prepared, but I brought a pair of scalpels, and as soon as it showed up, I made a beeline for it (thinking of the first time it shows up and I had to do something similar) and easily brought both of them to 54% well before the Akebono arrives. Maybe bring the cruisers more towards its front, so they can discourage a frontal attack?

Hey, congrats! I wish you many more successful FRED projects, good sir.  :nod:


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