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Collecting FS fanfiction in one place?

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Mito [PL]:
Hello there.

So I've been reading a lot of r/HFY recently and I came up with an idea. I've reminded myself that there's a bunch of fanfiction texts based in Freespace universe, some of them even really good. But unfortunately, I don't think we've got any more or less complete index of these novels scattered throughout the Internet, so maybe we could set one up?

Here, let me start:

Fanfiction archive over at Freespace Files
Some texts over at
Bunch of texts from Interplay's story contest in some archives
Batutta's two novels
Rheyah's Shetland/Ephesus

Maybe it would even deserve its own page at HLP Wiki?

Goobers "The Decision":

Mito [PL]:
Actually, I'm also wondering if results of some of the ARGs we had on this forum would qualify, since things like Assassin714's The Final War for the Multiverse seem to also produce some content that could be definitely considered as a fan fiction text.

The winning Interplay stories are already on the wiki but don't have a category of their own.  Making a fanfiction category and adding all the stuff here isn't a bad idea.

Perhaps it could be somewhat distinguished from the rest of the wiki content if it received some special layout like the Frontlines page:


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