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Collecting FS fanfiction in one place?

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Mito [PL]:

--- Quote from: PIe on April 25, 2019, 03:57:31 pm ---The winning Interplay stories are already on the wiki but don't have a category of their own.  Making a fanfiction category and adding all the stuff here isn't a bad idea.

--- End quote ---
However, the archive I linked to seems to have all of the contest entries in it, not only the winners. So uhh, more content!

Edit: there also are the Descent: Freespace stories which seem to be highlighted by Volition.

Just adding more and more content won't help much if readers don't know what it is about, if it's good etc...

Mito [PL]:
I don't quite understand you. Isn't it actually a good thing that we can get all of these stories here, not only the winners, since every one of them holds some kind of a value (and it would simply be a shame if these stories just disappeared)?

Also, you know, readers know what these ones are about. If these ones land in the HLP Wiki, it's obvious that people who will be around to check them out will most likely be at least vaguely knowledgeable about Freespace. And even if not, I don't think these stories require such experience with the universe.

If you meant categorising these and writing down some rough description for each one, of course they would need to be somehow categorised to be properly placed in HLP Wiki, but I'm not so sure about these short descriptions - IMO they would spoil some of the plot right away.

Of course it is good to have them all in one place, but when I went to the SG archive just once there was a lot of files. I don't know whether they're good or bad, but in general it's the same thing as with Knossos - it's good and easy, but you might think that "Shattered Stars" sounds cooler than "Blue Planet" depending on your liking...

Mito [PL]:
I can understand that this could be an intimidating concept for some, to try and dive into this with no guidance. But I think there shouldn't be a stiff rating system or something like that for these stories for the same reason there isn't one for mods on Knossos. There are definitely a couple must-reads, highlighting them being definitely useful for people that are just diving into this franchise, but I don't think having people clinging only to the stories that happened to be most popular or best rated, ignoring any smaller thing that can pop up around the place is a very good thing. But maybe each of these texts deserves to have a honest description next to it. I've got no idea here.

It could alse be of use to have some tags informing about the state of the story, for example:
[In progress]


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