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Stuff we saw on youtube! (redux!)

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Scourge of Ages:
Rather than unburying the 18-month-stale thread, how about a new place to drop videos you found interesting that aren't music?

I'll start:


--- Quote ---drop videos nukes
--- End quote ---

Kurzgesagt's videos on nukes are very good. They got so popular that the Red Cross at some point asked to make another one.

That's a great channel, but when it comes to pure Science I normally switch to something else. Take a look at how the subject of strange matter and strange stars has been analyzed, and with notable differences I may add, by Kurzgesagt and Space Time.

Colonol Dekker:
Captain disillusion,  one of my favourites... Just slow to upload, that's the price of quality content from a one man band.

Watched Drachinifel's video on the sinking of HMS Hood last night.  He goes into great detail about possible causes of the fatal explosion and why some of the popular theories (including plunging fire) are probably not the culprit.  Good stuff, if you're into naval history.


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