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A board dedicated to translations?

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i know, that i am a very controversial person here (at least for some important ones), but well, i would like to ask something nevertheless. Because you never get an answer before a question was asked.

I actually would like to have an own board (with an internal board also) that is dedicated itself to translations of FS2 and Standalones...  :nervous:
The reason is, that i am actually trying to get every community translation of this game under one roof, so that additional languages can be added easier... or to better say, that all languages can use the same data set.

HLP IS the central point of contact with everything what has to do with FreeSpace with people from countless countries that speak many languages. So it simple would not make sense to use any other forum for this endeavour.
Alternative would be at most at ModDB, but even that is not so popular within the Freespace community than this board. References are always made to HLP.

Right now, i am using one single thread in this forum, which is sufficient to inform about releases.
But well, one single thread could make it difficult to attract people who are may be interested to create own translations. I mean all "Translation released" threads disappear in the depths of this forum.
I mean, i already make thoughs about, what will happen with the japanese and spanish translation after my available text is exhausted? So i would like to recruit new people to maintain and to translate all further text etc.
Or simple to get better in touch with mod developers, maybe even before a mod is released, because i do not want to stick to the official games forever.

A decision is not urgent however, as this whole effort is still a toddler. But well, i wanted to bring it up already  :)
But I could also understand a clear "NO" because of this :).



Colonol Dekker:
Could it be a sub board or even a stickied topic in Freespace modding? 🤔

Well, i admit that "Hosted Project" may the wrong category actually.
I think this would fit more as a board in the "Community Projects" category.

Do not know, if a sticky actually would change anything. I mean "The modding workshop" alone is not an activity hub here. My translation thread there has the "Last post" for quite some days already. I still think, that for specific topics an own thread would be better. For example the recruiting stuff.

General Battuta:
I think a translation subforum would be a really good idea.

Colonol Dekker:
We have an accord?


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