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Props to Passionate Community + Shameless Stream Plugging

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It's 6 hours until I prep for stream time and I'm still awake. I'm still awake because some recent change has caused most AFR missions to break within seconds of mission start. The application hangs and freezes and has to be force-closed. I'm able to complete missions in other FSO mods, but not AFR for some reason. Here's the log for the fast debug I did on the upcoming mission, and the problem is likely what's happening on all the missions given that it's the exact same hanging behavior. Help me out here, HLP, so I can sleep.

Yey! You finished the campaign! And I enjoyed watching it. It's too bad I cannot join the live stream because of the time difference. When you went live, it was May 30 at 2am in my place. I could have added some hints. And I could have explained a little the post credit scene. But I will do so in this post with no spoilers. Please do note that this is AFR universe. And so...

The Blue Guardian is the patriarch leader of the Shivan race, an enigmatic race that occupies 3/4 of the galaxy. What the GTVA fought in FS1 and FS2 is just a rouge faction led by Grond (the planet Shiva was just an outpost which the GTVA mistakenly called the Shivan home planet). Again, I stress that this is AFR universe. Now, Grond's actions angered the Ancient (the purple ship in the post credits scene) and the Blue Guardian was trying rectify the chaos caused by Grond and he chose to influence John Richter as a tool to solve the problem, the human he refered to as the "receptor." The Ancient, however, believes that Richter will be a problem in the future. This is what the post credits scene dialogue was all about.

And this mystery will be answered in the sequel, The Blue Guardian. The title itself hints the return of this blue shivan.

One tiny spoiler: John Richter is an admiral six months later (the time between AFR and AF2). He is CO of the 23rd Battlegroup. As the hero of the GTVA, he skipped the Commodore rank. But he is no longer the main protagonist. AF2's protagonist is a female.

By the way, you do get promoted very fast in times of war which I greatly exaggerated in AFR, sacrificing some realism.

AFR is a "player-driven" campaign. No character plot. Just a war campaign. Very little dialogue. If there is a story, it's the mission themselves. A simple story of how the GTVA win it this time. Like you said, an experience which I actually intended. However, there are also clues of some undercurrent going on which pave the way for the sequel.

AF2:TBG is a "character-driven" campaign. That means it has a real story now. A real character and story progression with a protagonist and a bad ass villain. More dialogues. And it's a bit serious. But this time, I only wrote less than half of the campaign or maybe 20%. My main writer is CT27. This is his work, I just designed the missions and directed the whole chaos. :)
EDIT: ...And yes, there is chaos. A tradition of "The Aftermath" universe. You go pew pew! But the enemies will really go pew pew on you too and drive you really nuts!

I really enjoyed the conclusion Joe.  Thanks for doing this.  BTW, I'm trying to work with Herkie to get an update for TBG.  Just to understand the schedule of things, will you be doing TBG (Aftermath 2) after this "Blighted" campaign?

Also, to clarify the differences in "Dragon Slayer" that you were asking about in the video:

In the non-canon version (the original version):
Spoiler:  During the mission both of your escort Boreas ships get destroyed.  Toward the end Command orders you to engage the detonation sequence on the Avenger.  You (Richter) escape in the escape pod as you saw in the video "Death of a Avenger".

In the canon version (the 'alternate' ending which leads into TBG):
Spoiler:What's supposed to happen is that one of your Boreas escorts gets destroyed.  Toward the end the other one gets disabled.  This is when the massive Shivan reinforcements are supposed to come in.  The surviving Boreas agrees to sacrifice itself to destroy the Shivan fleet.  Command orders Richter and the Avenger along with the allied pilots to escape.  Richter escapes with the Avenger just as the Boreas begins the detonation sequence.  It is damaged but escapes and is rescued later as seen in the video "A Sacrifice". 

There is no difference between the two versions of "Final Confrontation".

The credits sequence is mostly the same too except for one small difference:
Spoiler: In the alternate campaign file version (which is the canon version), the Avenger is present in the 'parade' of ships.

Also, since some people were wondering about Petrarch:
Spoiler:  He survives the events of Reboot.  He was willing to sacrifice himself in the Aquitaine's suicide mission in "Final Confrontation", but Command refused to let him do that or go on board.  They wanted him to survive the war and didn't want a hero of multiple wars to die in a suicide mission when a skeleton crew could accomplish the mission.  He passes away of natural causes sometime between Reboot and TBG.


The last mission of AFR is actually THE FIRST mission I made in 2011. The Archangel was the Colossus before and the Royal Sath was just a normal Sathanas. Literally, it was the first mission since I discovered the FRED tool.

Then after I played Blue Planet part 1 and 2 in 2012 (War in Heaven was not voice-acted yet). I was inspired and the original "The Aftermath" was born (dependent on BP) and released in 2012 Sectorgames. This why most of my ships here are from BP.

I can't believe AF Reboot is 6 years old (released 2016) and it still works with the new FSOs and MVPs (considering I am still using FSO 3.7.4 in updating it).

Since this was talked about near the end of the stream, just for fun, if the campaign (and TBG) was to get voice acting (which probably will never happen), who would be a good voice for Richter?  How about Ransom (who did Mackie from Derelict and a character in BP)?

Darkblade seems to do a lot of voicework, I think he might be good for Robert Prescott.


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