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Props to Passionate Community + Shameless Stream Plugging

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Hope you'll all come out and support Kehra tomorrow.

Caught up on the VoD after missing on Sunday...

I must say, I didn't know the Command Briefing of Demons of the Past had been expanded ... and I think, in hindsight, that addition shines a light on things that I think just make WiH uncomfortable to revist following the enthusiam I initially had about it.

Just a small preview of AF2: The Blue Guardian. First contact with the Regilians and the proving the rumor about the GTXV Avenger to be true.

This is also how the game look on my end

Kehra's new stream is scheduled. If you can make it out, please come support her. Otherwise, be sure to catch the VOD for more kangaroo court shenanigans.

Mito was awesome enough to hook me up with timestamps for Episode 004 of the Blue Planet videos, as Colt has been super busy with IRL and his own FRED projects, so I just wanted to give a shout-out to my dude for that. If anyone else is willing to volunteer timestamps for any videos as they come, or either of the missing ones (Blue Planet [003] and Blighted), I'd be super grateful.

IN OTHER NEWS, expect load times to be far smaller and stream quality to be improved. I have JUST gotten all of my games moved over to a newly ordered 2 Terabyte SDD. FreeSpace was previously running off of an HDD I had other non-volatile data on, so it was anything other than ideal. I'll babble about it more before tomorrow's gameplay. Hope to see you all there!


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