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Props to Passionate Community + Shameless Stream Plugging

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Mito [PL]:
Over the course of today's stream I've attempted to make timestamps on-the-go. That said, between the connection issues and youtube's... uncomfortable way of displaying current stream times, I had to round the times a bunch and I'm not certain if I hit the times just right.
So to anyone out there, if you are watching this VOD, could you please verify if the times I have estimated are right, make corrections and post them, if possible?

Hidden Text: Show0:00 waiting room
9:30 Joe is showing us how small and insignificant he is
15:40 pre-stream banter

**Finishing off Age of Aquarius**

21:00 Joe and co. trying to buy stuff in a hardware store
27:40 Universal Truth, take 2, for real this time
29:45 Loadout fail
35:40 Take threeeeee
37:25 Desperate times call for desperate measure: the meme squad
40:40 A bunch of close calls
42:40 BONK
53:00 Joe's connection gets EWARd
57:00 We back to shootin' lads
58:30 Last playable mission of Age of Aquarius
1:01:30 OH NO
1:10:30 Credits cutscene
1:15:00 Replaying First Contact just to see...
1:17:20 ...a little easter egg.

**War in Heaven act 1**

1:20:40 Starting cutscene - Artemis Station
1:23:40 Mission #1 - The Cost of War
1:38:50 BONK
1:46:30 He ded... take two
1:45:00 Everyone else ded... checkpoints are life
1:52:00 Nukebonked to death... take four
1:55:00 Joe can't even stop a dog from pissing on a hydrant
1:57:00 Take five...
2:05:00 Mission #2 - Collateral Damage
2:22:00 Mission #3 - Post Meridian
2:32:00 He has angered THE GAZIBO
2:39:30 This is a very special support pilot
2:46:30 Mission #4 - Ken
3:05:20 Mission #5 - For The Wrong Reasons
3:17:00 Basically dies immediately... take two
3:24:30 Joe's bonking talent at full blast
3:38:30 Mission #6 - Darkest Hour
3:51:00 Second try
3:52:30 Random death, third try
3:59:00 Joe being ganged up on by missiles, fourth try
4:00:00 A little too close to danger, fifth try
4:01:00 One more try, I guess

4:15:00 Post-stream banter

Joe last stream (paraphrased): "I can live with being a pawn if the game makes sense!"

Have to say, I'm normally not much for streams at all (whenever I watch a videogame stream I get the irresistible urge to just stop watching and play the game myself). But watching Joe's live reactions to BP's storyline was a lot of fun. The community surrounding these streams definitely also helps.

Keep up the good work!

Really happy to see that you are enjoying the show! I really enjoy making it, whether I give that impression or not. It's just a joy to share this experience with others and have them entertained and building an enjoyable community atmosphere. Hope that you come to more!

An update from Herkie (since he would like to get TBG on your stream...he really enjoyed the playthrough you did on AFR):

He said his work trip will be done in mid-August (about a couple months earlier than anticipated) so he'll begin work on the TBG update when he gets back.  Assuming he fixes the error in the 4.6MVPs/22.0 version and after I test it...TBG might be good to go in September for you.

Sounds good! I see everyone pushing 22.2 RC, so if the only major issue is MediaVPs, it may be worth focusing on that since I sense 22.2 may end up coming out before too long and be the new standard. But 22.0 works for most of the mods I now have and I don't see any reason 22.2 RC has to be accommodated if it only creates more work. As far as I'm concerned, 22.0 is particularly stable. Now if only I could say the same for my Sunday internet service.


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