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Dosbox Staging 0.79.0 Has Just Been Released



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    Audio Improvements

    3.1. AdLib Gold Surround Module Emulation
    3.2. Sound Card Output Filter Emulation
    3.3. Crossfeed
    3.4. Reverb and Chorus
    3.5. Master Compressor
    3.6. General Mixer Improvements
    3.7. "One OPL mode to rule them all" 💍
    3.8. FluidSynth Configuration Changes
    3.9. ripa's PC speaker Patch
    3.10. Parallel Port DAC Models: Disney, Covox, and Stereo-On-1
    3.11. Audio Mute and Pause

    Graphical Improvements

    4.1. Shader Reload Shortcut
    4.2. CGA Palette Override
    4.3. Scaled Image Quality Improvements
    4.4. High DPI on macOS
    4.5. Window Transparency Support
    4.6. Frame Presentation Modes

    DOS Shell Improvements

    5.1. Piping from the DOS Prompt or Batch Files
    5.2. File Attribute Support and ATTRIB Command
    5.3. Default Choices for the CHOICE Command

    Mount Improvements

    6.1. Physical CDROM Mount Support
    6.2. Read-Only Disk Image Mount Support
    6.3. Z Drive Customisation and Directory Support
    6.4. IMGMOUNT Wildcard Support
    6.5. Automount of Resource Drives

    Localisation Improvements

    7.1. Code Pages and Keyboard Layouts
    7.2. Country Support for Different Date, Time, and Decimal Formats
    7.3. Local Language and Keyboard Layout Detection Improvements

    Input Improvements

    8.1. Mouse-Wheel Emulation
    8.2. Serial Mice Emulation
    8.3. Windows 3.1 Seamless Mouse Integration
    8.4. Joystick Calibration Hotkeys

    General Improvements

    9.1. Command-line Setting of Conf Options
    9.2. Windows Installer for Windows Users
    9.3. Configurable Modem Connect Speeds
    9.4. Handling Options for Memory Faults in Buggy Games

    Developer-related Improvements

    10.1. Self-Documenting Bit Twiddling with bit_view
    10.2. Memory Block and Type Size Simplification
    10.3. Tracy Profiler Integration
    10.4. Continuous Integration MSYS2 Workflow Improvements
    10.5. Release-package Shell Script
    10.6. Static Analysis

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