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A couple of Campaign questions

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It would be relatively close I'd say...though the Reboot may be more just because it has more missions.

Also, just to clear up any possible confusion, there are two "Aftermath" campaigns out there (they aren't connected to each other fyi).  One version is sometimes referred to as "Aftermath: CE" and takes place shortly after FS1 (unfortunately I don't know who made it).
The other campaign called "Aftermath" was made by Herkie423 and takes place a few years after FS2; continuity wise, "The Aftermath: Reboot" (aka AFR) is a remake of that and "The Blue Guardian" is a sequel to AFR.

Admiral Nelson:
Aftermath CE was made by the same people who made Derelict.

I remember I liked Aftermath CE, though I think the parts should be fused into one campaign instead of having multiple campaigns in the campaign room that you have to switch between

Thank you all...There's a regular 'streamer' on Red Mage Joe's stream named Henrik; does he do any other games? He sounds a bit like the fellow who does Ts4EVER, th Forgotten Hope 2 content developer and player.


--- Quote from: CT27 on September 30, 2022, 08:35:28 pm --- and "The Blue Guardian" is a sequel to AFR.

--- End quote ---

Wait, there's a "Sequel"??! Has Joe or anybody else played it on Y/T or anywhere? And more importantly is it as loony fun as Aftermath Reboot?


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