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So... BrotherBryon and I decided to finally rework a thing... And guess what! We decided to take one of the unfortunate ones, burdened with The Curse.

This little fella is untouched since 1999. There were attempts at doing so, there were reworks of old tiles... But this poor thing still uses vanilla mesh.

So: Dear vanilla Argo, you served us for much longer when your authors anticipated. And you did great job at transporting cargo and civilians fleeing from Capella, boarding operations and happily dying from Shivan missiles, torpedoes and beams. Today you close your eyes... be reborn!

I currently have no access to FSU SVN and it's gonna be like that for at least couple days, so

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Damn that's nice.


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Thank you for delivering this. The Argo really, really deserved a proper upgrade.
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My gift from Freespace to Cities Skylines:


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Superb! The ugly duckling is now a high polly ugly duckling 👍😎
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Imo it's a ship that gets used a lot and it was in dire need of an upgrade.
Thank you for your work!

Another ship from the Slavic Shipyards!
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****, that's the nicest-looking ugly ****box I've ever seen.
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BEt it explodes even more nicely now


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The sexy now.

Love it. Stunning work!