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Bugged mission "the darkness and the light"
In advance I am sorry if this is the incorrect place to ask for for help.

I have to my understanding installed knossos correcrly and have begun playing the campaign missions for FS1 port
Up until "the darkness and the light" mission everything went as it should. However, I cant move on from this mission. In the after briefing room it says I have failed the mission and need to redo it. This happens regardless of how I do the mission. I am aware I cant capture Ramses and all that. Still I fail and need to redo the mission. If I die 5 times in a row and I select the option to advance to the next mission I end up doing "the darkness and the light again"

What can I do to move on in my campaign?

I hope you guys can help me.



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Re: Bugged mission "the darkness and the light"
I'm not sure how it goes (again some SEXP became incompatible?) but in order for the mission to progress to the point when you get an order to return to base, Ramses must be destroyed (presumably by the Taranis). Did that happen for you?
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Re: Bugged mission "the darkness and the light"
A glace at the campaign file tells me the following:
The condition for advancing from sm1-09a to sm1-10a is a) the Taranis having arrived and b) the Taranis never having been destroyed.

This is governed by two events in the mission:
- "Shivans arrives" which works of has-arrived-delay 0 "Taranis"; and referenced via a previous-event-true
- "Taranis dead" which works of is-destroyed-delay 0 "Taranis"; and referenced via not and previous-event-true

The Taranis' departure - which would definitively turn "Taranis dead" false - is tied to the destruction of Ramses by is-destroyed-delay 8 "Ramses".

As far as the pure events are concerned everythings seems to be in order (sm1-09a is a mess in other regards but that shouldn't impact function).

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