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Blue Planet Complete FS2 Blue error
When playing "Clash Of The Titans II" on FS2 Blue (in BPC) I noticed a small error in that mission when using the newest 4.3 MediaVPs version.  The Bastion doesn't have the nameplate "GTD Bastion" anywhere on it when I played that mission.  The three Aeolus escort cruisers have their names on them though.

The weird thing is, when I play that mission on normal FS2 (I just select the MediaVPs 4.3 in my launcher instead of BPC), the Bastion does have the "GTD Bastion" label on it (I believe the port side). 

Any suggestions?
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Re: Blue Planet Complete FS2 Blue error
If I'm not mistaken the way nameplates and the bastion in particular are handled changed with the Orion update. I wouldn't be surprised if the FS Blue copy of the mission needs updating to reflect that.
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