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Stryke 9:

Zylon: You rule. Seriously, they should give you a crown and throne and ****.

someone email the link to volition!

Oh great... from now on, I'll be hearing "gunnery control, open fire" but I'll be thinking "rollin rollin rollin, rawhide!"


beatspete: could use the "bup" file, the singing vasudan.


Pete, Sid-- A large part of the humor of this is that it sounds absolutely nothing like Vasudans. Adding Vasudan speech would only undermine that.

BTW, all the graphics in this are from sparky_fs2.vp. The fish are the actual fish from the "vasudanswuvfishes" easter egg, and the flames along the bottom are a tiled thruster ani.

EDIT: Added a little something to the end. Something not from the VPs. ;)


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