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An attempt to create some table references

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So this is my attempt to create table references to FS Wiki. I decided finally to do something for the community and wrote sort of references to ships and weapons tables though most of the stuff i currently have managed to get there was originally written by GE (Galactic Emperor?)

They are not linked. Opinions and proof reading would be appreaciated (you can access the files by searching them in FS wiki, ships.tbl and weapons.tbl). I hope some other people would also be interesting in completing the references for the tables so that we would finally have a good reference for all table editing. That is for the people who do not understand the code at all but still would like to do some modding, like me.

EDIT: I forgot to mention but thanks to Black Wolf for some guidelines and advices

I was just thinking about this the other day, and I think a better option for SCP options would be to color them differently (Say, yellow for CVS, some shade of green for ones that have been in an official release.)

It'd be nice if flags didn't break up the layout so much, they could also use some description. Also, for the weapon values in ships.tbl, you should probably change the label from "flag" to something different. Right now you have:

--- Quote ---Syntax: ( "Flag" "Flag" ) ( "Flag" "Flag" )
--- End quote ---

I'm impressed, though, I don't think there's ever been such a complete table reference ever made.

Also, pretty much all values are now optional for fs2_open in ships.tbl...although if you try to make a ship without a model, something will break.

I'm just so bad with proper HTML that the current representation was easier for me to accomplish... The coloring is really much better way to do it, now that you mention it. I'll also try to get around into making the descriptions for the flags.

It would be for the best to alter atleast some of the places where i just put "Flag" as a placeholder to "Name" or something else... I'll get around into doing that tomorrow.

Just revamped the ship.tbl and now IMHO it indeed does look better.


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