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I may suggest doing something with the navigation.

It is hard to find anything but the most obvious stuff from the main page, everything else I have to search for and that doesn't always provide the results desired.

Specifically when trying to find out how new features work. There should be more modder orientated paths to go down and browse through.

My 2 cents...

Black Wolf:
People were, in theory, supposed to be adding new pages to the portals, bu tthey haven't. Hell, even I haven't. It's soemthing I'm hoping to work on in the not too distant.

Categories are useful, too

Would some one mind changing the font color for < pre> < /pre> tags and equivalent effects (ie. text with empty spaces before the it). In fact for all preformatted text. Or should all of those be changed separetely?

Take a look at this to see what i mean. All i see is black text on a dark grey background... Earlier it had same the background (and still does) as the categoryboxes so i think this is related to the recent change of the background color of those boxes.

But the category boxes are now a lot better :yes:

Yeah, sec.

EDIT: How's that? ;)


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