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--- Quote from: CP5670 ---It's in the original game as a multiplayer campaign. You can play it by yourself by starting a LAN game off a multiplayer pilot. You will get respawns this way, which is how it was designed to played.
--- End quote ---

A while ago, Interplay re-released FreeSpace with the Templar campaign modified to run in single player. It's the exact same campaign, just in single player, which makes it terribly unbalanced. There's nothing very interesting about it in the first place.

So listen to CP and run it in multiplayer. That way you get respawns like you're supposed to.

Here it is again.

I also posted it on hades combine:

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You know, that campaign had so many bugs and was really screwed up.

I finished it, but GEEZE LOUISE WAS IT HARD! :drevil:

I HATED mission 3. Mission 4 was quite hard in itself and you had that wierd ISIS transport that would drop to 25% hull integrity yet would never blow up. That's when I learned that an ISIS CAN survive a double cyclops blow  :lol:.


--- Quote from: starlord on December 20, 2007, 02:00:54 am ---GEEZE LOUISE

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You don't happen to know anyone named Marcia Baker?


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