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Since Warzone is up to the voice actors and Boomerang is almost done(I think, that word reminds my Custom Title :nervous:)I think it's time to work on the Titan Rebellion  ;)

The release of the original GTVA Titan is an encouraging event.

I think it's time to work on that campaign, what do you think?  :nod:

This campaign has a problem. There are 13 missions and they were supposed to be 16. Are we supposed to complete the campaign and FRED the last missions?

I can be sure of just one thing, we'll probably release an SCP version of TR...we'll add voices in a second moment. Warzone SCP is a proof of how much a voice acting can delay the release of a campaign.  :doubt:

I'm going to play through the campaign and find bugs. All other FSCRP members are supposed to do the same  :drevil:

EDIT: Here they come! problems!

1) The Vampire is...a cockpit. And only the glass is textured  :blah:
2) The Titan isn't included in Nelson's package, why?  :confused:

Admiral Nelson:
1) Yes, it needs to be fiished, I recruited someone to do it, but he got busy.  I have a plot outline.

2) I never found anyone to fix the Vampire. :(

3) I goofed. I'll post a fresh one. :p

Ok, please post here the plan for the last missions. Should we contact the creator and obtain info about the original plan for the last missions?

Admiral Nelson:
You can try.  That was years and years ago, however.

I added him on MSN. I will try to send an e-mail, too...


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