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The campaign creator just contacted me and Nelson. I asked for his they are:

Mission 14 – War and Peace – A joint GTVA and NeoIntel force strikes out against Some of Hossels forces. Messana finds the Antietam, Shiloh shows up. Antietam is finally destroyed, though the Titan manages to destroy much of the GTVA fleet. Kill Mizraim.

Mission 15 – Stealing Fire from the Gods – Hossel has set up yet another Ganymede cannon. NeoIntel goes in to capture the cannon. AWAC covers the operation. Attacks on AWAC, then attacks on Ganymede rings. Some other Hossel ships come in. Once the Titan arrives, it opens fire and starts blasting the Titan to pieces. Titan escapes after the Ganymede ring is destroyed.

Mission 16 – Titan’s End – GTVA and NeoIntel launch a final consorted attack on the Titan. Beams must be taken down. Engines must be disabled. Hossel pulls out whatever tricks he has left, but in the end the Titan is destroyed.

Admiral Nelson:
Now there is a blast from the past!! :) He must have been surprised to find people still interested in his work from seven years ago....

There isn't really a whole lot left to do with the existing missions.  My to do list looks like this:

replace Icenis with Stratcomm model
    I was never a fan of clone Icenis; I intended either to use Stratcomm's Bellerophon or Nx's Saphah

Vampire model fix
    Intended for unfinished mission use; the cockpit is solid silver instead of transparent

Shivan weapon loadout in Shivan Mission 8
    In mission 8 the player flys Shivan ships with Terran weapons.  These ships should really use Shivan weapons and not Terran.  Same for the Moloch.

Orion Nameplate MediaVps
     The MediaVPs Orion will use a different file name for the nameplate.  Needs to be updated when MediaVPs final

We would still need a volunteer to FRED the final three missions.

Latest version is available here.


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