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--- Quote from: Fury on May 13, 2008, 07:10:37 am ---And here I thought episodic content would be the word of the day. I've never really understood why projects had to keep partially finished campaigns to themselves when they could release it in parts. Episodic release design also endorses proper outlining, planning and mission designing. Which again actually improves the chances of someone being able to finish it, even if that someone would be someone else than the one who started it all.

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QFT. Me, Bengal, Retsof, Shiv, And Blowfish are working on a 40 mission mod, released in 10 mission chapters


--- Quote from: Goober5000 on May 13, 2008, 01:46:49 am ---
--- Quote from: blowfish on May 13, 2008, 12:53:09 am ---But that does acknowledge the possibility of it happening...
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You just don't know when to shut up, do you?  Fine.  Just for you, I'll eliminate the ambiguity.  NO.  No, we will not grant any exceptions whatsoever to the 20-mission rule.  This policy exists for a reason, and if we let members hack it to death with a thousand hypotheticals, it will quickly become meaningless.

We are not going to countenance a ninety-percent failure rate on new campaigns.  It's discouraging to the project members and it's harmful to the health of the community -- just look at what happened to SectorGame.  If you want to challenge the policy, then man up, come back in six months with your twenty-plus mission campaign, and prove us wrong.  Whining about it when you don't even plan on applying for hosting will get you nowhere.  The rule stands, no exceptions.

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Now I'm afraid to ask if the mod's already done before the request. :nervous:


--- Quote from: Goober5000 on May 13, 2008, 12:24:10 am ---
--- Quote from: colecampbell666 on May 12, 2008, 07:56:51 pm ---...could you get rid of all the old projects on the hosted sites list?
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Which ones?

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[attachment deleted by admin]

You must have had a good reason to do this. Question...what led you to to post this Announcement? Someone recently asked for project hosting and you denied it without letting us know? Just curious.

--- Quote from: Goober5000 on May 13, 2008, 12:24:10 am ---Who'd want to play The Procyon Insurgency then, which only has 17 missions?  Or Shrouding the Light, with 15?  Inferno, with 14?  Aeos Affair, with 10; Cardinal Spear, with 8; Destiny of Peace, with 7; Twilight, with 6; Deus Ex Machina, with 5; Echo Gate or Phantoms, with 4 each?  You would know better than I.
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I'm sorry  but these are bad examples. First of all, PI has been dead for a long while(CP, correct me if I'm wrong)and would have never been hosted I think. Secondly, these are campaigns, not "complete" projects. What's the point in asking for hosting a 5-10-15 missions campaign before FREDding it? People can simply FRED it and ask for direct hosting as soon as it has been completed.

When you're dealing with a modpack in very good shape and a campaign whose number of missions exceeds 20 you can't do that, not under a moral point of view. You can always host models and graphics that risk to get lost if they remain in the hands of common members. Furthermore, teams can be renewed even after a while in an unexpected way - Inferno's an example.

And what if the number of missions is 21?

CP is always here. And PI was only finished less that a year ago.


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