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Hello everyone i am new here and i just have a urgent question

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Hello I am new here on this forum and I was trying to find an install SILENT THREAT: REBORN,and BLUE PLANET: WAR IN HEAVEN i read those pages but is so complicated for me all those technical names for me is impossible to install those 2 games.But i have Freespace 2  installed on my computer.Please can someone help me with step by step instructions of how to install those 2 games?  Thanks

Have you following the manual install guide for your OS? They're linked on the top nav bar under "Installing FreeSpace Open".

If you're on Windows, BP:WiH shouldn't be hard to install if you use its Complete Installer.  Unfortunately for nearly everything else, it's manual steps all the way.  The current "FSO Installer" in broken and the replacement hasn't been finished yet.

General Battuta:
For War in Heaven just download the complete installer, run it, and use the launcher to select blueplanet2 as your mod.

Hello everyone my hair is becoming white from so many times trying to add the other extras to freespace 2. I am trying to add Silent threat/Reborn,The Blue planet,and Pandora's box.I tried the Turrey's Freespace automatic installer but all i get is 30-40 only text files. in 2 seconds.Is ridiculous and nerve wrecking.I manually downloaded the Blue Planet: and is installing to freespace directory as a folder named freespace2 but when i start the game is not working as i do not see the blue planet in the campaign room.I live upstate NY,does anyone live close by here in Plattsburgh? I would stop to your place if someone can show me step by step how to do this.In in unstalling games i never saw anything so hard in my life.Why they made it so hard? Can aomeone tell me step by step how to do this?Thanks everyone for answering me

What do i click in the Launcher to select Blue Planet? There are several buttons.Thanks


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