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Hello everyone i am new here and i just have a urgent question

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General Battuta:
Go to 'mod', select blueplanet or blueplanet2 folder.

Make sure you have the Blue Planet executable that came with the Blue Planet installer. Stick it in your main FreeSpace 2 folder if it's not there already, make sure you have it selected as the executable in your launcher.

The E:
Please stay calm and follow this guide:

Do note that we cannot teach you the basic computer handling skills you will have to have in order to follow that guide. Unfortunately, the online installer does not work at the moment; so doing it the manual way is the only way right now.

--- Quote from: danu68 on January 29, 2013, 04:23:00 pm ---What do i click in the Launcher to select Blue Planet? There are several buttons.Thanks

--- End quote ---

Go to the "MOD" tab. Click on "Select Mod". Select the blueplanet or blueplanet2 directory. Then click on the "Browse" button, and select the fs2_open_3_6_17_BP executable. Then click on the "Video" and select your preferred resolution. Do take care to set the color depth to 32 bits. Then go to the "Features" tab, and select the following:
With "List Type" set to "Graphics":
Enable post processing
Enable soft particles
Enable FXAA antialiasing

With "List Type" set to "Gameplay":
Use 3D models for ship selection
Use 3D models for weapon selection
Enable 3D warp

Then start FSO by pressing the "Run" button. If you've followed the install instructions correctly, BP should now be the active mod. For other mods, use the "MOD" tab.

Hello and thanks a lot everyone for trying to help me. I did everything what you told me   but everitime i try to run the game from the launcher it gives me a error box which says:  FreeSpace 2 Open - Antipodes has stopped working,and i have the option to check online for a solution or close the program. This is hard on me .I hope they will get that online installer running again.I did everything you told me in the launcher.One more thing: Maby i did something wrong because i added all the files from the blue planet installer mixed with those of the game in the FS directory?? Thanks again and sorry i repeated my first thread in other locations here.Just tell me when i install the blue planet complete where i install exactly? Is that in the FS directory?

Wait, did you put the Blueplanet folders or the individual files in the FS directory?

The E:
danu86: Please read and follow this guide. Post the log file here.


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