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Hello everyone. I love space sims and the Freespace series in particular, and I am amazed to say how much has been done to update Freespace 2. Though I have only explored a few of the mods offered here, I am confident that the diverse selection of quality campaigns, mods and total conversions will provide many hours of pleasant entertainment, and I hope that after gaining enough experience, I may one day be capable of contribute to this collection of marvels myself.

I would like to express special thanks to Karajorma for his help with setting up this account. It is wonderful to see such a helpful community, and I hope to get along well with each and every one of you. Glad to become part of the HLP community.

Gunnery control, target Torchwood. Fire the welcome beam.


Welcome! Read the FAQs (they're handy!) and post if you need help with anything!


Avoid the beam and you won't get a welcome, Pilot! :(


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