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Hi there, I have a question.

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Relax. I remember being an impatient brat all the time when I started modelling. :lol:

You develop the patience at the same pace and time you acquire the skills.

Now, UV mapping... :shaking:

Try starting with simple models, like containers, fuel tanks, etc.

Who said I'm just starting? ;)

For all purposes, I need a modeler for my team.

did you go down to the textiring section


--- Quote from: ShadowWolf_IH on August 24, 2013, 10:38:36 pm ---did you go down to the textiring section

--- End quote ---

Hm... Which section is that? I'll look...

I should tell more about myself, I've been modeling for at least 6 or 7 years. I've created cars, simple animated characters, to military tanks and even city blocks. But to be really honest, I'm just not into it anymore, I'd rather leave it in more capable hands. My enjoyment with Freespace, however, never seems to go away everytime I play it. In 2006-2007 I gave away my 3-CD Box and original manual to a friend thinking I'd never want to play it again. But heck, one year, I came across and found FS2 on there. Instant nostalgia, I wanted to start modding again. I came back, and created a Star Wars mod pack, although a bit glitchy since it had certain elements that worked fine on older versions of Open. Now, I had this very fascinating idea to create another mod pack but this time do something entirely different. It seems Hunter's Freespace Sector is dead, no one really goes there anymore, not even Flipside and I thought he would never let go of it. Changing times I guess.

So, I came here. Looking for a modeler to help me in my endeavor for this (more than likely) final mod pack that I'm sure people will find both interesting and amusing.

Edit: Forgive me, yes, I have heard of textiring before. It just didn't ring a bell... I'll pursue that avenue, thank you, ShadowWolf.


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