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(Re)Release: Ridiculous, the Director's Cut! (v1.04 out now)

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Rationale: I'll admit, I was never quiiiiiiite satisfied with how the first pass at Ridiculous turned out. As the creator, there were little rough edges here and there that just bugged me. No longer. Barring anybody discovering any hideous game-breaking bugs, this will be THE definitive and final version of my debut campaign.

Story Overview: A few years after the Second Shivan Incursion, a recon and exploration team flying off of the GVD Minotaur stumbles across something that will forever alter the future of the Alliance. Get drawn into something far beyond hope of control and face down some of the roughest odds this side of Gamma Draconis.

This mod is still Ridiculous, and you should still feel ridiculous while playing it.

Revisions in brief:
*The overall difficulty has been rebalanced, with a particular eye towards higher difficulties and later missions. I was able to beat the campaign all the way up to Insane, but some missions may still require a couple of tries.
*MediaVPs 2014 compatibility has been assured! See space stupidity in shiny ...uh -ness.
*Certain mission backgrounds have been spiced up and made more consistent with other missions in the same region of space.
*New voice acting talent has been incorporated! This is only a partial voice overhaul, but keep your ears open for some new speakers.
*A checkpoint feature has been added to the infamous Mission 8, "Showdown".
*A couple of other tweaks that you'll just need to find for yourself.

A word about requirements:
You WILL need a post-processing-capable build and the 2014 MediaVPs to play.
In contrast to the original version of Ridiculous, the Director's Cut uses cutting-edge FSO features in a few places. Post-processing in particular.  I considered making a secondary version, but in all honesty, I'm only ~so~ diligent, and individually managing two divergent versions would be more headache than I'd care to brook. 

Installation Instructions:
Same as always. Extract the archive contents into your /Freespace directory, set Ridiculous as the active mod with your launcher, and rock on.

===>MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD LINK<=== (.7z, ~126 Mb; Updated to v1.04 on June 13)
The v1.04 update fixes a design oversight that could sometimes prevent progress on Mission 6, "Noise Pollution".

Link to the original release thread for posterity's sake.

Downloading now.  Will you add it to the installer?

Awesome. I might get around to playing this!  :p


--- Quote from: Cyborg17 on January 20, 2015, 07:21:37 pm ---Downloading now.  Will you add it to the installer?

--- End quote ---

Downloading, let's see how ridiculous I feel   ;)


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