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I do not make empty threats.

Freespace Upgrade Project is now gone.

I don't think "made" be th'right word.

I'm currently considerin' photoshoppin' Sarnies head onto a porn pic t'submit t'the new forum. Unfortunately I fear this power transfer will be as short as a Republican's penis.

Edit: an0n, you've made th'bloody time warp worse son

Edit 2: Yes, he's defo an admin or so says the user list.


--- Quote ---Originally posted by an0n
I do not make empty threats.

Freespace Upgrade Project be now gone.
--- End quote ---

I suspect I know what you're doing, but c'mon - take it out on the admins not the peons.

I have decided t'amend rule #1 t'allow any o' th'former Admirals o' th'Black t'persuade a female member o' this forum t'audition in his place.

Considerin' that thar are fewer female members than thar are former admins, said Admirals o' th'Black should act smartly t'secure a substitute.

I think you mean prostitute.


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