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Zathras 2.8 Official Release

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Installation instructions:

-Download Zathras 2.8

-If you already have an older version of Zathras
--Rename or backup your existing Zathras directory then extract the archive in your TBP directroy it will create a new Zathras directory.

-If you are installing for the first time
--Just extract in your TBP directory.

-Grab the appropriate 3.7.0 builds and updated launcher from the release thread.

-Run the launcher and select Zathras as the active mod.

That's all there is to it.

Note:  There were no changes between 2.7c and 2.8 so if you already have 2.7c you do not need to get this version. 

So if 2.8 seems like some final version, why not update the front page and offer it bundled with needed builds or links to them?

Can someone help please? I'm getting this error when applying the Zathras mod to TBP (I have the latest build and Launcher 5.5g).

Thanks ya'll!

[attachment deleted by ninja]

It appears that you are using FS2_Open 3.6.9.  You need to be running FS2_Open 3.7.0 with Zathras 2.8. 

My bad, I got it to work now, thanks. Does anyone know if the Zathras mod is optimized for Widescreen Resolutions (16:9, e.g. 1920x1080) or I should stick to 4:3 aspect ratio (1280x960)?


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